Next Generation Magnetic Charging Cable

Have you charged your phones using two hands till now? It's time for that to change!
Smooth and automatic adherence! Enjoy the convenient one-handed charging lifestyle!

Magnetic Charging Cable Spider Jack

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550 powerful
magnetic force

Up to 2.4A
super high-speed charge

Ultra-thin design, compatible
with a range of smartphone cases

USB output to
various devices supported

Worry no more
about device malfunctions!

We resolve the chronic nuisance of damaged charging cables from repeated usage.No longer should you request an warranty repair from damaged charging cables.

Defective charging cables result from repeated insertion and removal. But Spider Jack can fundamentally solve this problem!

Superior performance,

enhanced product technology

Spider Jack, the next generation magnetic charging cables, brings convenience to your life with superior performance and product technology.

  • Compatible with a variety of smartphone cases (super-slim design)
  • Beautiful design and enhanced durability (aluminum finishing)
  • Prevents tangled lines, and resistant to stain and open circuit (nylon fabric cable)
  • Tidy charging line improves portability (silicon band)
  • Check charging status even in the dark (charging LED light)
  • Strong magnetic force and high speed charging

Our Products

Android (5in)

IPhone (8pin)

C Type

Magnetic Cable, Spider Jack

Spider Jack Magnetic Cable allows you to make a convenient life

Spider Jack and
its patented technology

Spider Jack 3rd party companies (Samsung, LG, etc.) 3rd party company (Apple)
Connection type External contact charging Insertion contact charging Insertion contact charging
Type 5Pin, 8Pin, C-Type 5Pin 8Pin, 30Pin
Certificate External Magnetism X X
Compatibility Android Products / iPhone Products / C-type mobile phones Android Products iPhone Products

An Improved Structure of Electromagnetic Connection Korea : 101103028, America : 9.007.105.B2, China : 103503246 A, Europe : 2704265, Japan : 2014-517984

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